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  • 2017 Mountain Woods Men’s Night Prize Payouts // October 14 2017

    2017 Mountain Woods Men's Night Prize Payouts
    2017 Men's Night Results & Prize payouts  
    3 Jacks    
    Champion B.Doyle/A. Leslie  $50.00
    1st in regular season Butler/MacPherson  $40.00
    2nd in regular season B.Doyle/A. Leslie  $30.00
    Duck Hooks    
    Champion Wry /Dunn  $50.00
    1st in regular season Wry /Dunn  $40.00
    2nd in regular season J Richard/PL Mallet  $30.00
    Hozel Knockers    
    Champion Charters/Schlichter  $50.00
    1st in regular season Charters/Schlichter  $40.00
    2nd in regular season Schella /Guimond  $30.00
    Molly Hockers    
    Champion Huggins/Stace  $50.00
    1st in regular season Andrews/Nameth  $40.00
    2nd in regular season J Cormier / N Cormier  $30.00
    Champion McCarthy/ Thompson  $50.00
    1st in regular season MacKenny/Gammell  $40.00
    2nd in regular season A.Doyle/Thorburn  $30.00




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