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2020 mountain woods covid policies

Golf Course Policies and Procedures at this time

Golfers will not be permitted on the property until 25 minutes prior to their tee time.

1. Golfers who have recently returned from abroad must quarantine for 14 days prior to entering Mountain Woods Golf Club property. As ruled by the Federal Government of Canada.

2. Everyone must maintain social distancing. The recommended minimum distance is 6 feet or 2 meters.

3. Tee times are to be booked online or over the phone with payment. No Refunds. however, rain checks will be issued in the case of rain or course closure.

4. All player names MUST be provided at least the day before play. If your name is not on the list, you will not be granted access to the facility. If you need to change names in your group, please call the golf shop at 506-858-1611 ext 1.

5. A maximum of 10 customers will be permitted in the golf shop, located upstairs in the main dining room at a time. Plexiglass has been installed to help protect our staff and guests.

6. Rental Power carts will be permitted on a single rider basis. Players who reside in the same house will be expected to share a power cart.

7. Rental Push Carts will be available.

8. We will not be providing club or pushcart storage at this time.

9. Rental clubs will not be available.

10. The driving range once opened, will require a reservation and only those members and guests who have a reserved time will be permitted on the property. (no spectators) There will be balls out for your use, no baskets will be used. We will reserve times on the driving range every hour. Players will be allocated a maximum of 45 minutes to hit balls at which point a staff member will ask everyone to pack up and leave the property or check-in for their round of golf with the starter. Staff will use the remaining 15 minutes to sterilize the practice balls in each station prior to the next group arriving for their 45 minutes of practice. Please do not arrive at the practice area more than 5 minutes prior to your reservation.

11. Mountain Woods Golf Club will be operating with 12 minute tee times intervals.

12. All players will be required to check into the professional shop located upstairs in the main dining room. The entrance to the main dining room is found on the left side of the clubhouse and will be clearly marked.

13. The washrooms upstairs off the main dining room will be open and only one member or guest will be provided access at a time. We will not have any washrooms available on the course.

14. All staff including on-course player assistants or ambassadors will ensure all golfers are adhering to the policies set above.

15. There will be no rakes in the bunkers, no ball wash machines, no sand/ seedboxes, and pool noodles will be installed in the holes to prevent the golf ball from getting down to the bottom of the hole. The flagstick must not be touched.

16. The snack bar will be open, but with limited hours and selection. There is no beverage cart to start the season.

17. No tailgating in the parking lot before or after your round. All members and guests will be required to pack up and leave the property in a timely manner.

18. No Backpacks, coolers, or personal alcohol will be permitted on the golf course. Anyone wishing to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages may do so however staff will be required to inspect your bag.

19. All vendors and delivery drivers are encouraged to wear masks for the safety of all players and staff.

20. The practice putting and chipping green will be open and available to the players who are "on deck" next on the first tee. All other members and guests will be asked to stay away until they are "on deck".

21. We ask parents of junior players to ensure that at least one adult is playing with any junior players under the age of 16.

Maintenance Blog Mountain Woods Golf Club MAy 2020

Maintenance Blog May 2020 

I can’t say that I have ever been in a situation, in the golf industry, where at one point only a few weeks ago, I truly had no idea if the golf season was a go or not. The covid reality we are living in, has certainly changed the way we do things, in almost every aspect of our lives, and change is something we all have to embrace if we want to get back to some level of normal. That being said, there are changes to the way the game has to be played, and without any notice this can change for the better, or for the worse, depending on the guidelines that the government expects us to follow. My message to everyone is to be smart, and be safe!!!!

Due to the covid virus, things have changed in the way the maintenance department operates each day. We are constantly disinfecting and sanitizing equipment, while always trying to avoid contamination, and social distancing has become the norm for each day. Staff may not move from one piece of equipment to the other without sanitizing, and disinfecting.   We are doing our part, so please do yours!!!

On a positive note, the course has overwintered better than it has in years. We do have damaged greens, but there are no total right-offs as seen in past seasons. A small portion of the damage we received was from ice, and this will take longer to recover, but we also have a lot of tissue damage, that has already started to come back on its own. Often the turf we are losing is an inferior native grass called Poa annua, which gives us an opportunity to over-seed different varieties of a superior grass called bent-grass, which winters far better.  We are going to be temping, and tarping the thinnest greens for the first part of May, and these greens have been pushed hard already. The biggest issue we have to date is the cold and dry weather, that has stunted most of our recovery efforts. Just need some heat and a good warm rain, and conditions will change rapidly. Fairways and tees have made it through the winter quite well also, and will bounce back as the weather changes.

Opening day is not that far off, and all we need is a little cooperation from mother nature. It is always our goal to put together the best playing surface we can for you fine folks, with the focus on having the best greens that we can provide. As we move forward in May, I will give you a more detailed report on how things are going, and hopefully some more regulations will be lifted. Covid is not something to be taken lightly, so please be smart, and be safe!!!

Roger Burns Men’s Invitational Skins from Saturday & Sunday October 5th & 6th



Division 1

#10 Jeffery & Anderson


Division 2

#1 Currie & Smallwood

#10 Jessome & Foster

#11 Jenkins & Jenkins

#17 Feltmate & Strong


Division 3

#1 Justason & Berry

#2 Barkhouse & Melanson

#16 Pooley & Steeves

#18 Grato & Grato


Division 4

#5 Pearson & Gee

#7 McCaarthy & Doyle

#10 Doucette & Doucette

#12 Newman & Searles

#13 Ward & Bechervaise




Division 1

#1 Richard & Cahill

#6 Woodford & Layden

#8 Jeffery & Anderson

#16 BAbin & Boudreau


Division 2

#6 Bursey/ McAulay

#8 Currie & Smallwood

#12 Hale & Guimond

#14 Jenkins & Jenkins


Division 3

#3 Sharrad & Simmonds

#2 MacLAuchlan & MacLauchlan

#5/ #6 Lapointe & Boudreau


Division 4

#1 Roy & Percey

#4 & #6 Doucette & Arsenault

#9 & #10 Henri & Churchill

#15 Newman & Searles

#16 Ward & Bechervaise

Mountain Woods Roger Burns Men’s Invitational Results 2019


Roger Burns Tournament 2019


  Amateur Division        
  Champions       Total
1 Stuart Musgrave Country Meadows Bryan Nugent Moncton Golf 121
  Division 1        
1 Jaime Sweet Ashburn Golf Club Mike Binan Ashburn Golf Club 126
2 Drew Mccafferty Moncton Golf Jason Richard Moncton Golf 129
3 Matt Layden Moncton Golf Nick Woodford Moncton Golf 129
4 Jeff Wood Moncton Golf Gene Mitton Public Player 130
5 Ryan Adams Mountain Woods Steve Connor Mountain Woods 131
6 Mike Mulholland Grandview Richard MacKinnon Gage Golf Club 131
7 Scott Black Oakfield Chris Hopper Country Meadows 131
8 Glenden Murphy Mountain Woods Stacy Paterson Mountain Woods 133


  Division 2       Total
1 Mike Doucette Mountain Woods Joel Doucette Public Player 132
2 David Adams Mountain Woods Ryan Fullerton Mountain Woods 132
3 Tyler Jenkins Mountain Woods Jeff Jenkins Plaster Rock 133
4 Dave Biron Mountain Woods Scott Robart Westfield 134
5 Don Walker St Stephen Richard Brown St Stephen 135
6 Brian Donovan Moncton Golf Ken McMackin Moncton Golf 136
7 Marty Lepage Kingswood Patrick Rossignol NB Public 136
8 Troy Letourneau Maplewood Stephan Grant Maplewood 137


  Division 3       Total
1 Phillip Gorveatt Stanhope Danny Peacock Stanhope 135
2 Allen Gratto West Hills Brian Gratto Abercrombie 138
3 Marc Rossignol Granite Spring Golf Club Guy Rossignol Fredericton  139
4 John Morrison Bell Bay Larry Tower Moncton Golf 142
5 Dan Pooley Mountain Woods Bob Steeves Country Meadows 143
6 Larry Justason St Stephen Blaine Barry  St Stephen 145
7 Don Burton Brightwood Pat Doherty Brightwood 146
8 Dan Goguen Mountain Woods Steve Pauley Mountain Woods 146


  Division 4       Total
1 Robert Newman Herring Cove Roy Searles Herring Cove 142
2 Mike Lovegrove Mountain Woods Brian McGlinchey Mountain Woods 143
3 Ryan Doucette Public Player NB Alex Arsenault Petticodiac 144
4 Bernie McCarthy Mountain Woods Allan Doyle Mountain Woods 145
5 Steve Roy Mountain Golf Ross Percy Mountain Golf 145
6 Steve Ward Mountain Woods Al Bechervaise Mountain Woods 146
7 James Pearson Plaster Rock Jon Gee Plaster Rock 149
8 Brad Seo Mountain Woods Byung Lee Mountain Woods 149


  Canadian PGA Division        
1 Tim McCullum Taylor Made Brett Wilson Fredericton 121
2 Trevor Giggey Fox Meadow Nick Peters Rustico 125
3 Marc Robichaud Moncton Golf Club Jean Mainville Moncton Golf Club 127
4 Jarrod Romyn Ashburn Josh Landine Ashburn 129
5 Jim Olgilvie Hartlen Point Gord Smith Ashburn 131
6 Cody Scott Ashburn Ryan Craige Ashburn 132
7 Thomas Keddy Maplewwood Garett Keddy PGA of Canada 133
T-8 Jake Ward Kingswood Nathan Harvey Mactaquack 134
T-8 Bradley Jenkins Mountain Woods Gareth Lewis Junction Driving Range 134


2019 Fall Rates at Mountain Woods Golf Club

Fall Guest Rates: Per Player


18 hole green fee                                            $40
9 Hole Green Fee                                            $22.50

Twilight Green fee after 2pm                         $28
Twilight Power Cart                                        $12.50
Power Cart Special                                         $50
(18 hole green fee with power cart seat)

The Complete Foursome Special                  $40
(Four, 18 hole guest green fees with power carts)
Power Carts must be returned 15 minutes prior to dusk

Mountain Woods Golf Club Maintenance Blog September 2019

August Newsletter 2019 for Mountain woods Golf

            So, its September already, and heading to October rapidly!!! Where did August go??? I am trying to recall August but just can not seem to remember most of it for some reason. Maybe my dogs have taken control of the brain. LOL. In the turfgrass industry, August is often seen as a transition month, where you tend to get into cruise control, which leads to some pretty uneventful moments. The truth is that August was a great month for the course, in terms of weather actually cooperating with certain cultural practices that had to be done, and we had just enough rain from time to time to help keep things green out there. I did not have to irrigate very often either, which is always a bonus. Some are saying that this is the best they have ever seen Mountain woods, which is great for the reputation of the club and gives you folks bragging rights!!!! I will always say that it has a long way to go!!!
            Greens:            I must say, it has been a lot more fun maintaining the putting surfaces with the new foliar program. It has allowed healthier surfaces, with growth control in humidity, which has led to better cut quality and overall better surfaces that are consistent throughout the day. Because the weather actually did cooperate, we were able to topdress heavily twice, which really smoothed the greens surfaces. Maybe a bit too quick for some, but the speed we ran the past 4-6 weeks is really where I like the speed to be. For the upcoming Rodger Burns Invitational, they are going to be as fast as the weather permits. Hoping to be around 12-13 on the stimp for this tournament!!! I hope you have been enjoying the greens this year. They are not perfect but are pretty good. One thing I would like to share with you is my feelings, and the industry’s feelings on the flagstick left in while putting rule change. I feel that this is by far one of the dumbest rule changes that the PGA has ever come up with. There was no consideration for the turfgrass maintenance departments who have to deal with torn cup edges. When the flag is left in, there is no room to put your hand in and pull a ball out, without tearing the cup edge. Also, a lot of golfers use the flagstick, in a rapid upward movement, to remove the ball, which really tears the edges. Most golf courses do not have enough staff to change cups daily, this one included. So please take the flag out. The laws of physics dictate that if a hole is smaller, then there is statistically less chance of the ball going in it!!!
            Tees:                just recently I have been testing a new wetting agent for the tees, that allows for better water penetration, and retention, which has allowed better divot recovery. It is an inexpensive option for this club and is something that is sustainable.  After the application was done, there was an immediate response in the turf health, and filled divots germinated much faster. The tees also required less water and were still able to stay green. Unfortunately, many of our tee decks are actually too small to handle the amount of traffic that goes through Mountain woods, but there are long-term plans to improve some of them. Don’t forget to fill your divots. One person I should mention is one of our hardworking staff named Louis Snyder. Louis has the morning routine job to get tee deck areas ready, and divot mix made and topped up. This year Louis decided to ramp up his efforts and has been filling divots as part of the morning routine. Its has made a huge difference. Thanks, Louis.
            Fairways:          This year, with just a little bit more rain, we have been able to provide better fairways, than any other year. There is still a lot of knot-weed problems, but turf is winning, and the knot-weed will be sprayed on specific fairways shortly. I have also been testing the same wetting agent used on the tees, on a few trouble fairways we have. The fairways 1,3,4,5,6 were treated recently, and there have been some great results, that make the future management of these areas a lot more promising. We are always trying something on these areas to improve the playability. Thanks for following the 90-degree rule!!!
            The last few weeks of the season, as we progress into Fall, are often the ones that the crew enjoy the most. Temperatures are cooler, and the turf is actually a bit easier to maintain. Over the next few weeks, there will be a lot of preparation for the Rodger Burns tournament, and we are still trying to clean-up from the weekend tropical storm. I would like to thank the volunteers, Don Perron and Danny Morash, for coming out and helping us with cart path washouts.  I hope you guys didn’t need too much physio after that day!!! And we didn’t even get you a coffee!!! Anytime, if any of all of you fine folks feel the urge to get some physical exercise, just let us know. We have an entire forest full of branches, down-falls, etc… Until next time!!!!

A lot of the course looked like this after the storm!!!

Shop area after the storm.. This is a lot deeper than the picture shows. The shop flooded also.

Part of a color test done this year on #8 green. Looks pretty good..



2019 Mountain Woods Mixed Club Championship Results

Congratulations to all of our participants!


Claude Cormier Ellies Coady 71
1st gross    
Gordon Hopkins Carole Lemoine 75
1st Net    
Bernie McCarthy Carol Ann McCarthy 66.75
Closest to the Pin #2 (ladies) Wendy Pooley  
Closest to the Pin #9 (men) Bernie McCarthy  


Mountain woods closed due to weather related damage

Sunday, September 8th, 2019

Due to a large amount of olf rain. the golf course sustained damage in the form of washed-out cart paths and some downed trees. All in all, the golf course will be fine in a few days. The grounds crew will have considerable cleanup work ahead of them.

The golf course will remain closed today and Monday until our scheduled men's night at 5 pm. 

The men's night banquet will proceed after the men's night round of golf. Dinner should be served at roughly 7:30 for those of you who choose to forego the 9 holes of golf considering the extremely wet conditions.


2019 Mountain Woods Golf Club, Club Championship Results

2019 Mountain Woods Golf Club, Club Championship
Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18, 2019  
Junior Club Championship    
Champion Brock Sinclair 159 3rd playoff hole
Division 1      
1st gross Luke Patterson 159 ®  
1st net Jack Martin 139  
2nd gross Nash Smith 171 ®  
2nd net Cameron White 145  
Division 2      
1st gross Kaleb Thomas 171  
1st net Chad Bursey 138  
2nd gross Zack Wheeler 188  
2nd net Ryan Bursey 150  
Ladies Club Championship    
Champion Danielle Bursey 178 1st playoff hole
1st gross Wendy Pooley 178  
1st net Carol Lemoine 148  
Senior Men's Club Championship    
Champion Dave Biron 152  
Division 1      
1st gross Mike Doucette 155  
1st net Guy McIsaac 139  
2nd gross Benoit Allard 156  
2nd net Ken McPhee 143  
3rd gross Tom Adams 160  
3rd net Bernie McCarthy 144  
Division 2      
1st gross Mike Whittaker 166  
1st net Rick Thompson 136  
2nd gross Vince Irvine 170  
2nd net Allan Doyle 142 ®  
3rd gross Brian McGlinchey 174  
3rd net Dan Pooley 145  
Men's Club Champion Glendon Murphy 149  
Division 1      
1st gross Andy Leslie 150 ®  
1st net Scott Cale 135  
2nd gross Todd Bursey 150  
2nd net Robert Steeves 140 ®  
3rd gross Darcy Doyle 152 ®  
3rd net Dave Adams 140  
Division 2      
1st gross Jocelyn Landry 152  
1st net Mike Lovegrove 135  
2nd gross James McQuade 157  
2nd net Steve MacPherson 140  
3rd gross Curtis MacFadyen 159  
3rd net Bob Chappell 147  
Division 3      
1st gross Ricky Van Weston 164  
1st net Brad Deware 142 ®  
2nd gross Ray Lantz 170  
2nd net Jason Schella 142  
3rd gross Danny Morash 171  
3rd net Peter Schlichter 143  


2019 Club Championship Draw for Sunday August 18th


2019 Club Championship
Sunday August 18th Draw
8:00 Kian MacAulay
  Ryan Bursey
8:10 Kaleb Thomas
  Chad Bursey
  Zack Wheeler
8:20 Ben Connor
  Cameron White
  Nash Smith
8:30 Jack Martin
  Brock Sinclair
  Luke Patterson
8:40 Richard Raymond
  Bart Bransfield
8:50 Martin Van Egmond
  Moe Norman Leblanc
9:00 Starters
9:10 John Mac Donald
  John MacCormick
  Adrien Crevatin
9:20 Brian McGlinchey
  Rick Thompson
  Vince Irvine
9:30 Mike Whittaker
  Allan Doyle
  Dan Pooley
9:40 Walter Wilt
  Daniel Woods
  Dave Lamb
9:50 Ken McPhee
  Claude Desrochers
  Bernie McCarthy
10:00 Starters
10:10 Guy McIsaac
  Tom Adams
  Mike Bourque
10:20 Benoit Allard
  Mike Doucette
  Dave Biron
10:30 Carol McCarthy
  Wendy Doyle
  Kelly Ball
10:40 Wendy Pooley
  Danielle Bursey
  Carol Lemoine
10:50 Rene Girouard
  Jeff Strickland
  Greg Barbour
11:00 Starters
11:10 Hasan Ari
  Parker McIntyre
  Todd Rice
11:20 Peter Schlichter
  Tim Irvine
  Jason Schella
11:30 Ray Lantz
  Riley Nixon
  Michael Stace
11:40 Ricky Van Weston
  Brad Deware
  Danny Morash
11:50 Josh Stewart
  Troy Butler
  Jason Thomas
12:00 Starters
12:10 Bob Chappell
  Jeff Buckingham
  Tyler Jenkins
12:20 Mike Lovegrove
  Curtis MacFadyen
  Ryan Fullerton
12:30 James McQuade
  Jocelyn Landry
  Steve MacPherson
12.:40 Stacy Patterson
  Terry Odishaw
  Jason Rioux
12:50 Robert Steeves
  Scott Cale
  John MacAulay
1:00 Dave Adams
  Roger Nason
  Andy Leslie
1:10 Todd Bursey
  Daniel Guimond
  Glendon Murphy
1:20 Brett Doyle
  Darcy Doyle
  Stephen Connor
1:30 Starters


Mountain Woods Golf Club Senior Tour Draw for August 15 2019

Senior Tour: Fraser Murray Memorial Event    
Thursday August 15 2019      
8:30 Shotgun Start      
Hole 1A Don Mills Mountain Woods Darrell Culligan Mountain Woods
  Gordon Locke Conntry Meadows Esnor Nicholson Country Meadows
Hole 1B Ray Belliveau Maplewood Phil Boudreau Maplewood
  Gerlad Fournier St Ignace Fernand Gaudet ST Ignace
Hole 2 Ron Bourque Maplewood Glen Hunter Maplewood
  Pierre Gallant Pine Needles Norm Breau Pine Needles
Hole 3 Frank Melanson Maplewood Roland Mainville Maplewood
  Tom Boudreau Hillsborough Dan Mitton Hillsborough
Hole 4A Pierre Des Roche Maplewood Carter Assels Maplewood
  John MacDonald Mountain Woods Gary MacPhee Mountain Woods
Hole 4B Cecil Briggs Maplewood Charlie Kelly Maplewood
  Mike Fahey Bouctouche Danny Pambrun Bouctouche
Hole 5A Ted LeBlanc Mountain Woods Kevin Cormier Mountain Woods
  Hinson Ashe Mountain Woods Doug Patterson  
Hole 5B Rod Smith Sackville Vince Estabrooks Sackville
  Yvon Melanson Conntry Meadows Arthur Melanson Country Meadows
Hole 6 Gord Hopkins Mountain Woods Dave Biron Mountain Woods
  Mike Henry Pine Needles Ron Penston Pine Needles
Hole 7A Claude Cormier Mountain Woods Fred Boddy Mountain Woods
  Earl Rossiter Hillsborough Jim Rose Hillsborough
Hole 7B Don Allison Conntry Meadows Ron Allison Conntry Meadows
  Tracy Black Hillsborough David Greenwood Hillsborough
Hole 8 Emile Poirier St Ignace Jean-Yves DesRochers St Ignace
  Bill Lambert Moncton Paul Benton Moncton
Hole 9 Scott Pickles Lakeside Brian Lilly Lakeside
  Doug Steevens Hillsborough Robbie Danger Hillsborough
Hole 10 Ted Cormier Mountain Woods Bernie Landry  
  Brad Brinston Conntry Meadows Dereck Vey Conntry Meadows
Hole 11 Doug Wortman Lakeside Greg Caulfield Lakeside
  Arden Beaumont Hillsborough Trapper Bob Steeves Hillsborough
Hole 12 John Martin   Al Smith Lakeside
  Garth Hale Lakeside Bob Gordon Lakeside
Hole 13 Emerson Mills Moncton Roger Humphrey Moncton
  Mike Aldred Lakeside Steve Dickinson Pine Needles
Hole 14A Allan Doyle Mountain Woods Mac MacKenny Mountain Woods
  Rick Thompson Mountain Woods Bernie McCarthy Mountain Woods
Hole 14B Clint Hansen Moncton Greg Rooney Moncton
  Stephen Boorne   Chris Chambers  
Hole 15 Bill Hanson Mountain Woods Ashley Sobey Mountain Woods
  Don Thompson Moncton Mike Ferris Moncton
Hole 16 John Morgan Conntry Meadows John Dailey Country Meadows
  Bernie Savoie Pine Needles Fred Vautour Pine Needles
Hole 17 Gerald LeBlanc Bouctouche Claude Hache Bouctouche
  Don Perron Mountain Woods Perry Fullum Mountain Woods
Hole 18A Phil Locke Conntry Meadows Reg Legere Country Meadows
  Alderic Oulette Pine Needles Oscer Oulette Pine Needles
Hole 18B Joe Melanson Conntry Meadows Eric Estey Country Meadows
  Allen Smith Lakeside Ken Donaher Lakeside


2019 Junior Invitational Results



Congratulations to our 2019 Junior Invitational Champion Liam Llewellyn!  



Division 1      
Champion Liam Llewellyn   69
1st gross Nathan Archibald Moncton 75
1st net Ethan McFadden Moncton 69
2nd gross Ethan Barter Country Meadows 76 ®
2nd net Brock Sinclair Mountain Woods 72 ®
3rd gross Julien Babineau Fox Creek 76
3rd net Miguel Babineau Fox Creek  
Division 2      
1st gross Olivier Aucoin Country Meadows/Fox Creek 74
1st net Brady Wood Country Meadow 62
2nd gross Chase Burgess Petitcodiac 84 ®
2nd net Bryson Chambers Petitcodiac 63
3rd gross Ben Nicholson Fredericton 84
3rd net Cole MacPhee Petitcodiac 66
Division 3      
1st gross Dominic Poirier Pine Needles 177 ®
1st net Kevin Lee Pine Needles 78
2nd gross Zacharie Poirier Pine Needles balls
2nd net Eric Duchesne Pine Needles balls


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