2021 Mountain Woods Covid-19 Policies

Regulations to play at Mountain Woods

  1. All clients MUST not have any symptoms of the covid Virus.  Please read posters regarding this at club and website before arriving. If you do display any symptoms you may not enter the property.
  2. All players need to make a tee time for course or driving range before arrival.  We are not allowed walk on traffic.
  3. Players are asked to arrive NO EARLIER than 30 minutes prior to tee time on course or 5 minutes driving range.
  4. All players must have their own set of clubs.  No sharing is allowed.
  5. Only Foursomes are allowed on course.  No Pedestrian or Spectators allowed on course or range.
  6. Only clients 19 years of age and older are allowed to rent or drive our power carts.
  7. People in HOUSEHOLD BUBBLE or in STEADY 15 are allowed to share a power cart.
  8. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed on course.  Those between 7 and 10 have restricted times.
  9. No personal coolers or alcohol is permitted on the course.  We do have the right to refuse any at entry. 
  10. DO NOT TOUCH FLAGSTICKS.  Cups have been raised for easy removal of golf ball.
  11. People from Red or lockdown zones will not be allowed on property.  Those with out of province phone numbers must show proof of residency upon arrival.
  12. Players must leave property as soon as their round is completed.
  13. MUST FOLLOW COVID POLICIES AT ALL TIMES. You will be asked Covid Contact Tracing questions

The Management